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Ritalin, ADHD and CHADD

In the transcript of a TV show called The Merrow Report – subject: ‘ADD – A Dubious Diagnosis?’ – I found THIS little nugget of information:

"... a significant portion of CHADD's money comes from the people who make Ritalin".

“The financial relationship between CHADD and Ciba-Geigy, the company that makes Ritalin, began in 1988”, according to the Merrow Report transcript.

“Since then, CHADD has received close to one million dollars in grants and its membership has grown from 800 to over 35,000. CHADD has used Ciba-Geigy's money to build its membership and to promote awareness of ADD.”

There’s then a reference to a public service announcement which CHADD claimed had been seen by nearly 19 million people. Allegedly, “CHADD's name is on it, but Ciba-Geigy paid for it.”

The matter of CHADD’s involvement with the makers of Ritalin is also remarked upon by Michael Valentine, Ph.D, in his article ‘Challenging ADHD’.

Dr. Valentine is “currently a national and international consultant on school discipline issues”.

Here’s what he says…

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